Escape Winter with MVP Miami Yacht Rentals

Miami is one of the most popular places in the world to escape winter, and with good reason. While the rest of the world is freezing and covered in snow, Miami is sunny and warm. There are so many things to do in Miami during winter that it can be hard to choose between them, but one thing is for sure: nothing says Miami like stepping on a luxury yacht and taking it out for a spin. Without one, your trip to South Beach isn’t complete!

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience Miami during winter, renting a yacht with MVP Miami is the perfect option. There are many different types of yachts to choose from, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a party boat or something more intimate, there’s sure to be a yacht that matches your style.

The Ultimate Miami Yachting Experience

The ultimate Miami yacht experience is all about having fun with friends. It’s the perfect way to catch up and spend time together without distractions like work or school. At MVP Miami, we want to make sure that you’re able to relax and have a great time on your yacht, regardless of the size. That’s why we offer all kinds of yachts for you to choose from in addition to our privately-owned fleet of high-performance sports cars. We know how important it is for friends to get together and escape the winter, so let MVP help make planning easy with our wide selection of yachts.

Our Fleet of Private Yachts

At MVP, we offer a wide selection of private yachts that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to celebrate a special event or just take a break from the cold, our fleet has something for everyone. We have everything from small yachts that can accommodate up to six people to large yachts that can hold larger groups.

Pier Pressure

This yacht is the smallest in our fleet. It features 2 staterooms and can accommodate up to 4 guests to sleep. It is best for couples or small groups of friends looking for a romantic getaway.


While the XS also has 2 staterooms and accommodates 4 guests, it is nicer than the Pier Pressure. It features a full bar and a premium sound system so you can dance the night away. It also features a higher-end common area and kitchen.

Warren Kelly

The Warren Kelly is much bigger than the XS and the Pier Pressure. It features 3 staterooms, making it suitable for 6 guests to sleep comfortably. It features a very upscale kitchen and a wide-open outdoor floor plan, making it perfect for afternoon cocktail parties.


The Ticun is similar in size to the Warren Kelly. It features extremely stylish red leather features on its outdoor bar and deck area. Its kitchen isn’t as large, but it features some of the largest staterooms of all of the yachts in our fleet.

H2 Group

The best thing about this yacht is the lounge space at its nose. It is large enough to accommodate several people, but it is also perfect for a couple who wants to relax on the water. Its large living spaces with ample seating and multiple televisions also make it a perfect choice for a sports party.

Hoya Saxa

This massive yacht features a large indoor dining table, sizeable outdoor space, and a full kitchen complete with a dishwasher. This three-story masterpiece also features a grand master suite that is like no other.

Carpe Diem

As the name implies, this yacht is the perfect way to seize the day! With a massive kitchen and dining area and updated granite countertops and accents, it is the perfect yacht for a family gathering over a luxury vacation in Miami.

Top Gun

Named after the movie, this yacht is the perfect way to go out with a bang. It features one of our largest living spaces and outdoor bars while also featuring some of our most large luxurious staterooms. It also features granite countertops and flooring as well as an outdoor jacuzzi, making it perfect for sunset relaxation.


Chip is a 2007 Lazzara 84-foot flybridge motor yacht. It features a spacious kitchen with a central island and a full outside bar and jacuzzi. It also has a garage for a jetski and ample common space in its interior. It is perfect for entertaining multiple guests or celebrating a special event.


Named for its exterior color, Scarlet features a very modern open floor plan. It also features more lounge spots than nearly all of our yachts. Included with it is a Seadoo Wave Runner, noodles, a trampoline, an inflatable island, a sun mat, and snorkel gear, making it perfect for families with children who want to enjoy the Miami sunshine.


Panthera features some of our most luxurious staterooms. It also comes with a 240 horsepower Yahama VXHO jetski, making it ideal for any guest looking to explore the waters. It also features a full kitchen, a rooftop deck, and ample seating in its interior for guests who want to enjoy Miami’s beautiful weather.


As the name implies, this yacht is perfect for guests who are looking to relax and enjoy the moment. It features a full kitchen as well as a bar, making it perfect for hosting gatherings of friends or family members. It also has massive common space inside and out, making it perfect for those who want to spend time with loved ones without having to worry about being cramped or those who have large groups. It also features a jacuzzi.


This three-story yacht is absolutely stunning. It comes with a jacuzzi, massive outdoor entertainment space complete with two dining areas, and a gorgeous kitchen and common space the size of a large apartment.


If you are renting this yacht, you are getting the best of the best. This enormous luxury three-story yacht comes with two jet skis, a wakeboard, a wake surfing board, 3 inflatable tubes, 2 paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. It also features a full outdoor bar for entertaining, a jacuzzi, a separate outdoor dining area that seats 8, a massive living room with wide windows that reveal a panoramic view of Miami, and beautiful, modern bedrooms and bathrooms.

Experience the warm weather and stunning luxury of Miami by renting a yacht from MVP today! With so many different yachts to choose from, we are sure you will find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you are looking to celebrate a special event with friends or family, enjoy a relaxing vacation on the water, or just have some fun in the sun, our yachts are perfect for you. Contact us today to get started!

Interested in coming to Miami and taking one of our yachts out for a day on the water? Check out photos of our fleet here.