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Jaguar F-Type S
Prices Starting At: $449
Year: 2017
2017 Jaguar F-Type S
Prices Starting At: $449
make Jaguar
model F-Type S
Trans Automatic


Exciting things happen the moment you press the Engine Start button on the dash of the 2017 Jaguar F-Type S Convertible. The supercharged V-6 lights off with a bona-fide vroom, punting the tach needle quickly up the dial before just as quickly settling down into a rumbling idle. Air vents in the center dashboard gracefully rotate up and into position from their flush hiding places. You press a switch and the soft top folds down and away in 12 seconds, disappearing behind twin satin-chrome roll hoops, one for each seat.

For added drama, you press the exhaust button on the center console (of course you do), opening up the tailpipe bypass valves and filling the cockpit with even more supercharged stir. Then, because you can, you press another button to raise the rear spoiler (even if you didn’t, above 62 mph it would deploy on its own). You slot the 8-speed automatic into Sport mode; you’re going to shift yourself using the paddles behind the wheel. Finally, you click a central switch into Dynamic Mode, quickening throttle and transmission response, boosting steering heft, and stiffening the chassis. Now you’re ready to attack. Choose a mountain road worthy of this feral cat.

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