Ferrari 488 Spider

Prices Starting At: $1,599
Year: 2018
2018 Ferrari 488 Spider
Prices Starting At: $1,599
make Ferrari
model 488 Spider
Body 2-Door
Trans Auto
EXT COLOR matte Grey

There’s a strong case to be made that the Ferrari 488 Spider is the single greatest modern automobile for sale in all the world.

No, it does not ride with the minx-fur plushness of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. No, it does not brim with the cutting-edge electronic gizmos you’ll find in, say, a BMW 750i. It is not as fast as a few ultra-exotic supercars. This Italian marvel combines beauty, speed, refinement, comfort, quality, livability, character, and sheer sex appeal. Being able to open the cockpit to the world outside at the touch of the button is simply a bravura encore to this Ferrari’s already majestic performance—as if to say, “You think that was great, now try it with the sun shining through your hair.”

The quality of this automobile is simply in-your-face. Wrap your fingers around the fat leather-and-carbon-fiber wheel. Fits like a Ferragamo glove, with a thickness at the 3- and 9-o’clock positions that feels so right you wonder why all steering wheels aren’t designed this way. Buttons for the horn are recessed into the leather above where your thumbs lie; other switches include a big, red start/stop button, turn signals you press at right or left, a shock-firmness button, and, of course, Ferrari’s famed manettino dial for choosing your preferred driving mode. The leather racing seats with carbon shells fit to perfection. Elsewhere, the cockpit fairly gleamed with lusciously polished carbon-fiber trim. No giant central touchscreen in this sporting purebred. Instead, the 488 presents you with a big central tach and, at left, a useful multi-function display.

As striking as this machine is to the eyes, though, to the senses it’s simply boggling. Now, there are loads of quick cars on the road these days, but honestly few of them really blow me away with acceleration or handling prowess. This Ferrari, though, feels insane in every degree around the friction circle—braking, cornering, and accelerating. It’ll crush you into the seat under full throttle, hammer you into the belts under braking, and roll your eyes around their sockets when your wring it around a long corner. The sensations you feel driving this car hard are only magnified with the top down—the air whooshing past, the engine wailing behind your ears, the squeaks and squeals of the nearby tires scrabbling for grip as your rocket into and out of turns. You can even smell the speed—the hot, hard-working rubber, the acrid exhaust, the scent of adrenaline filling the air as nearby birds and squirrels dive for cover. And no worries if a raincloud suddenly appears, just press a button and in seconds the Spider seals up as tight and secure as a conventional hardtop. The 488 is a supercar without penalties.

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