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Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Prices Starting At: $1,199
Year: 2018
2018 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Prices Starting At: $1,199
make Lamborghini
model Huracan Spyder
Trans Automatic

A post-scalping baby Lambo. But the Huracan Spyder rental Miami is more than that – it’s the successor to the drop-top Gallardo rental, Sant’Agata’s most successful, numerous model ever. Of course, since the Gallardo showed up, the small matter of McLaren and Audi’s R8 have arisen, not to mention ever-more crackers Porsche Turbos also entering the baby supercar arena. So the Huracan’s wading into battle armed with a rare thing these days: a naturally aspirated V10 engine, good for 602bhp and a 201mph top speed – with the roof down. There’s no faster or more fun way to get tinnitus.

The spectacular triple-layer fabric top folds away in 17 seconds at up to 31mph, and the droppable rear window returns so there’s no barrier to V10 histrionics even if you’re battling typical British summertime weather.

Like real-life hurricanes, the Huracán family of supercars is awe-inspiring and extremely powerful. An exotic 5.2-liter V-10 mates to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic—a manual option is missing. Horsepower ranges from 572 on rear-drive models and up to 631 on the track-ready, all-wheel-drive Performante. Dramatic styling drips from angular and aerodynamic exteriors to technical and luxurious cockpits. The sexy Spyder convertible increases the emotional response even further.

Driving fast in the Huracan Spyder rental shrinks the universe into the space of that windshield frame. Although the steering column will occasionally quiver, there’s no other clue that you’re in the open version. Careful suspension tuning to compensate for the greater weight over the rear wheels makes the Spyder feel exactly like the coupe. Light steering efforts bring forth an easy and quick turn-in that masks the width and overall size of the Spyder. The front tires communicate their grip levels clearly through the steering wheel. ​The active aero ALA system​ opens and closes vents to provide downforce where and when you need it. There’s so much grip and performance that when you get back into a lesser car, you’ll find yourself squealing the tires around the first few corners before you return to reality. We’d call it the Go-Kart Effect because every time we drive a go-kart and get back into a street car the first thing we do is almost go off at the first corner.

The active aerodynamics, brake-based torque vectoring, and stability-control programming are especially impressive because all systems work in harmony. The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder experience is perfectly cohesive and natural. Its gestalt is transcendent. And you thought driving a Lamborghini was all Prada sunglasses, spray tanning, and paisley dress shirts. Okay, well, it’s those things, too, but the Huracan Spyder rental also has a soul-stirring greatness—and a windshield—that’ll reframe your world.


Carbon Fiber Kit
Power Heated Seats
Park Assist with Front/Rear Parking Distance Sensors
Style Package
Branding Package
Contrast Stitching
Sirius Satellite Radio
Rear View Camera System
Dual Tone Exhaust
Front Lift Option
Custom Wheels
Green Brake Calipers
Lamborghini Sound
Contrast Stitching
Fully Electric & Heated
Navigation System
Bluetooth System

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